Nursery Education Funding



Universal '15 hours' funding (3-4 year olds)

Children receive Nursery Education Funding from the term following their third birthday.

Terms are set by the Council as 1st September,  1st January and 1st April regardless of the actual term start dates.


Parents/carers can claim up to 15 'Universal' hours of pre-school sessions per week. 

Any additional hours over the funded 15 hours will be charged at our standard hourly rate

(please see our Admissions page).  Universal 15 Hours to be taken over two and a half days.


We send claim forms each term to all eligible children, and parents/carers are required to indicate how many of these hours they wish to claim for.  





Extended '30 Hours' funding (3-4 year olds)

We accept children who have extended funded (3 and 4 year olds who meet eligibility criteria)

for up to the 27.5 hours a week we are open.

Parents/carers must find out if they are eligible and apply directly.


For more information please click on to visit these websites:


* 30 hours funding info            * Step by step          * Apply through the website 




2 year olds funding (15 hours)

We accept children funded from two years old, both for eligible working families and families receiving some additional forms of government support. For more information about eligibilty or to apply please see or click on or the local council links.


Parents/carers must find out if they are eligible and apply directly.

Funding Information

3-4 Year Olds Universal Funding Form

& Pupil Premiun Information

You can download a Cambridgeshire County Council funding form to make a claim for your child, which the Playgroup can support you in completing.


The Guide for Parents/Carers is also available to download. Please click on the relevant link.

For more information on all funding please go to:



Full details about our session times and fees

can be found on our Admissions page.