We aim to enhance children’s development and education by encouraging parents to understand and provide for their children’s needs. We firmly believe that parent/carers are their children’s first educators and it is in the interest of the children that both the playgroup staff, parents and carers work together to provide the children with the best foundation to their educational life.  

Research shows how valuable children’s early year’s experiences are for their future education. We wholeheartedly support the view that children learn through play, and that the more play, the more learning is achieved.  Research also demonstrates that children need to play to help develop the neural pathways in their brain.   

We plan sessions and teaching based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and strive to continuously improve the standard of the childcare we provide by following best practice guidelines for Early Years settings.  Sessions allow for free-flow play to enable the children to explore a wide range of activities and experiences both inside the setting and in our outdoor garden space.  Access to the outside play space is available all year round.

At Chestnut Playgroup we listen to what the children want to do, what the children like and dislike and we try to follow their lead as much as possible.  Children are asked to contribute their ideas and we have a good balance of child-led and adult-led activities.  Tangible proof that their views, feelings and concerns have been valued and are taken seriously.


Policies and Procedures Booklet


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Our policies and procedures are reviewed and updated regularly by the staff team, and approved by the committee.  Policies may be updated if:-

a) after we have tested the policy as a working document we have identified shortfalls

b) as a result of training or guideline changes.

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